Techies wurley

Set Techies
Number 105
Species Twirly Tiddlycopter
Rarity Ultra Rare
Wurley the Twirly Tiddlycopter is a Moshling in the Techies set, who is a helicopter. He is the reward in the 2nd mission of Season 1 Missions.


Daring, Noisy, Naive.




Season 1 Mission 2: Voyage Under Potion Ocean


Thanks to their motory-rotory headgear these tin-skinned flying Moshlings are always in demand, especially when they are transporting Rox and other precious thingies across the world of Moshi. As they wokka-wokka through the clouds, Tiddlycopters love humming classical music and perforing loop-the-loops. I once asked a squadron of Twirlycopters to fly over the Goombla Goombla  jungle to search for my long lost uncle, but all they could see was smoke pouring from a big bubbling cauldron. Psst... don't mention Dr. Strangeglove. He once tricked some Tiddlies into powering one of his diabolical glumping machines.


Windsocks dipped in oil (yummy) and cloudless skies.


Loose bolts and rain (it rusts the rivets in their tin flying jackets).


Swarms of Tiddlycopters sometimes flitter over Nuttanbolt Lake but they spend most days hovering around Hangar Eight-and-a-Half.

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