Set Snowies
Number 58
Species Titchy-Tusked Mammoth
Rarity Uncommon
Woolly is an uncommon Moshling in the Snowies Set.


Snuffly, old-fashioned, and timid.


Who says blue and green should never be seen? Not me because I know Titchy-Tusked Mammoths spend most evenings dyeing their pelts with Inka Inka essence and dipping their ears and feet in gloopy green puddles. These snuffly Moshlings are even said to be able to unscrew their tusks (which they sharpen using snooker cue chalk) and remove their wooly blue coats if it gets too warm. In fact, I still have a large collection of discarded titchy tusks (I found them, honest) on display in the loo at Bumblechops Manor.


Season 2: Mission 3: Bungle in the Jungle


Cotton candy kebabs and hairdryers


Scissors and styling wax


Dozing in blocks of ice in ChillyBot State Park or eating hoodle plants around the Unknown Zone on Music Island.

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