Tiamo/Basic Info

Tiamo 3

Set Smilies
Number 032
Species Sparkling Sweetheart
Rarity Rare
 Tiamo the Sparkly Sweetheart is a rare Moshling in the Smilies set, who is a love heart. 


Delicate, benevolent, and gracious.


Shhh... hear that? It's the gentle pulse of a Sparkly Sweetheart. These magical moshlings often appear from nowhere to help monsters in distress with their sparkling energy auras. When they are not performing lifesaving magic they love dub-dumping to power ballads.


20,000 Leauges Under The Fur


Power ballads and 5 bits of fruit a day


Egg yolks and massage


Not even Buster Bumblechops know for sure, but you can sometimes hear their rythemic d-dumfing near Blisskiss Valley.

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