Set Unknown
Number 147
Species Thockity Wock
Rarity Unknown

Threddie the Thockity Wocky is a common sock puppet moshling in the Fuzzies set. He was first spotted in Issue 33 of the Moshi Monsters Magazine.


Panicky, naïve and soft.


Geth what? Thockity Wockth can’t thpeak pwoperly because they are always chewing fluff and yarn, especially when they are lonely. You see these 100% cotton Moshlings prefer travelling in pairs but are forever losing their fellow Thockity Wocks. That’s why they often tie themselves together using the stray threads on their heads.


You can find Threddie hiding in drawers or dangling on washing lines near Frayed Knot Farm.


Sweet feet and lint


Red underwear and tumble-dryers.

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