The Super Moshi Missions form Season 2 were released from March 2012 to December 2012.

The Moshlings you get in Season 2 are (in order of mission):

1. CocoLoco

2. Rofl

3. Woolly

4. Pocito

5. Tingaling

6. Bobbi SingSong

7. Scarlet O'Haira

8. Fizzy

9. Judder

10. The Zoshlings

1. Close Encounter Of The Zoshi Kind

Moshling: CocoLoco

Villain: None

Released: March 2012

Zoshling/Equipment/Monster/Weapon/Villain shown on screen: Captain Squirk

2. Sandy Drain Sheningans

Moshling: Rofl

Villain: Frau Now BrownKau

Released: April 2012

Zoshling/Equipment/Monster/Weapon/Villain shown on screen: First Officer Ooze

3. Bungle In The Jungle

4. Big Top Ballyhoo

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