Set Munchies
Number 110
Species Bashful Bowlhead
Rarity Ultra Rare
Suey the Bashful Bowlhead is a bowl with Chinese noodles and chopsticks in it. She is in the Munchies set along with Fizzy, Yolka and Toasty.


Spicy, timid and popular.




Feeling peckish? Then why not hook up with a Bashful Bowlhead because these shy Moshlings produce a never-ending supply of slurp-tasic noodles from their bowl-like-bonces. Bashful Bowlheads love to hang with Kittens of Good Fortune so don't be surprised if they are together. I first encounted a Bowlhead on Hong Bong Island. It was about to scarper so I tried to grab the sticks in his bowly brain, but then my translator, Dr Unwin Babble (Who travelled extensively in Hong Bong) explained that their chopsticks are actually sensitive feelers used to sense danger. It took me ages to get the soy sauce out of my socks! Tasty!


Purple Love Berries + Yellow Hot Silly Pepper + Pink Hot Silly Pepper


Kittens of Good Fortune and five-flavoured crisps


Cutlery and lemon dishwasher tablets


Won Ton Bay on Hong Bong island. You'll also find Bashful Bowlheads searching for fortune cookies in the Terry Aargh Keys.


  • Suey is a black belt in origami; she can make a paper crane in ten seconds.


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