Stanley 1

Set Fishies
Number 018
Species Songful SeaHorse
Rarity Common
Stanley the Songful Seahorse is a red seahorse, he is in the Fishies.


Flamboyant, tactless and tar-splittingly noisy.


Although they are very cute, Songful SeaHorses are also incredibly annoying. That's because they can't stop whistling awful show tunes at ear-splitting volume. Each tune is usually accompanied by a barrage of bubbles and a silly dance. Experts believe they're trying to attract other SeaHorses but no-one can stand the racket long enough to find out.


Stanley Combo


Kazoo concertos and sea oats


Bubble bath and serious opera


Songful SeaHorses are not very good swimmers so they usually bob around the shallow waters of Reggae Reef. Failing that, look in the bath.

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