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Set Dinos
Number 010
Species Baby Tumteedum
Rarity Common
Snookums is a common Moshling in the Dinos set.


Timid, long in the tooth, and trusting.


Perhaps the cutest Moshlings of them all, Baby Tumteedums are sweet little demi-dinos that just want to be loved. Hatched from mysterious marzipan eggs, these wide-eyed critters are always looking for someone (or something) to look after them. And thats strange, because they age in reverse, so babies are actually hundreds of years old. It's just a shame they're not very chatty, as I'd love to find outif these old timers know anything about my great uncle's dissapearance. Unfortunately they're always too busy scoffing yuckberries and boiled eggs dipped in vinegar.


Snookums Combo


Boiled cabbage and carpet slippers.


Loud music and toenail clippings.


If you find a yuckberry bush, you'll probably find a Baby Tumteedum lurking nearby. When they're not eating, these charming tots gather near Stinky Hollow. 


  • Many people think that his nose is his blush.
  • He is the second most caught moshling.

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