Scarlet O'Haira

Scarlet o haira

Set Mythies
Number 067
Species Fluffy Snuggler
Rarity Uncommon
Scarlet O'Haira the Fluffy Snuggler is an uncommon Moshling in the Mythies set, who is a red bear.


  • Loving
  • Cuddly
  • Warm


Frankly my dears, Fluffy Snugglers don’t give a flying gooberry about anything apart from snuggling each other. In fact these happy little hairballs love hugging 24/7, even if the thing they’re hugging can’t return the favour: lamp-posts, trees, random strangers, you name it. You might even wake up with a few Snugglers cosying up to your feet. Mmm!




Hugging and pom-poms.


Frowns and naked flames.


You'd think being bright red would make Fluffy Snugglers easy to spot but I've yet to discover where they come from. Maybe I should just ask?


  • She was mentioned in the Daily Growl saying she raided Roary Scrawl's Fridge.
  • As mentioned on the Daily Growl, she will hug anything.
  • She and Shambles are nearly similar in appearance, they are both fluffy.
  • She is the first furball Moshling in the Mythies.

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