Purr-Fection is an orange and yellow cat that is sleeping on a wall in Ooh La Lane.
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Poor Purr-Fection was left behind at Hictoria Station and ended up in lost property! Luckily, some school-monsters were travelling through the station on their way to the Moshi Fun Park. When they saw him, they literally let the cat out of the bag, and took him back to their school with them!

The cat's whiskers

Lazing and lounging around on the school wall, Purr-Fection doesn't like to move too much. If you stroke him, he might just about muster the energy to yawn and stretch!

Teachers' pet

After a fur-raising experience on the raaarghllercoarster rides at the Moshi Fun Park, Purr-Fection is now treated to a luxurious life in the school gardens. His Furriness is now fangtastically spoiolt by all the children - and the teachers!


Lounging Cat


Ooh La Lane


Being fed, stroked and generally spoilt!

Often spotted