Set Ponies
Number 048
Species Princess Pony
Rarity Uncommon
Priscilla the Princess Pony is an uncommon Moshling from then Ponies set.


Haughty, Fickle, Magical.




Thought to be descended from royalty, Princess Ponies are always fiddling with their sparkly tiaras, waving their hooves at passers-by and performing pirouettes. If their regal routines fail to impress, prepare to be astounded because they can make their manes and tails change colour by jingling their jewelery. One trick ponies? No way! Years ago, I was lucky enough to attend a Princess Pony Party. It was a real honour, as I danced with the belle of the ball and was taught how to curtsy like a pony - not easy when you've only got two legs!


Any Moon Orchid + Any Moon Orchid + Yellow Snap Apple


Sparkly candy and winners' rosettes


Nosebags (terribly common) and flat shoes


Despite their boastful behaviour, I've discovered that Princess Ponies come from a humble area knon as Old Knackersville, near Gluey Gulch.


  • Priscilla is the only pony in the Ponies; Angel is a unicorn, Mr. Snoodle is an elephant and Gigi is a unicorn.

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