Set Nutties
Number 009
Species Savvy Sapling
Rarity Rare
Pip the Savvy Sapling is a rare Moshling in the Nutties set.


  • Enthusiastic
  • Caring
  • Curious


Pips combo


Savvy by name, savvy by nature, these titchy woodland Moshlings know everything there is to know (And maybe a little bit more) about nature. When they're not studying soil samples, leaping into piles of leaves and collecting berries with their acorn hats, Savvy Saplings enjoy playing golf with twiggy clubs and mini gooberry balls. I once stumbled across a tournament and got pelted on the backside with a splat attack of berries. Luckily the Savvy Saplings soon realized I was a fellow nature expert and decided to compare notes.Fascinating,especially as theirs were written in enchanted sap.


Raindrops and conkers.


Concrete and moshling collectors with big feet.


The main Savvy Sapling Village is hidden undergrowth in Wobbly Woods but Shrewman says they also live in hidey-holes in the trees.


  • A seed code for him may be released in Late August/Early September this year.
  • He is voted one of the cutest Moshlings.

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