Pi Day
March 14th, or 3/14. Also known as Pi Day around the world. 3, 1, and 4 are significant. Who knows why? Because they're "Pi." Let's spy why Pi isn't pie.

I (Roary Scrawl) asked Tamara Tesla what Pi is and she PIED ME! It was HILARIOUS. After I wiped the pie out of my eyes, she explained it to me like this, "Pi is 3.14159... It goes on forever! Pi is the number you get when you divide the distance around a circle (the CIRCUMFERENCE) by the distance across it (the DIAMETER)."

Pretty brainy stuff! So no matter how big your circle is, Pi stays the same. It's always going to be 3.14159... You can even do an experiment at home. You'll just need a measuring tape, something circular (like a tin can) and a calculator. Ask your parents for help if you need it.

Waldo is the first too know.

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