Set Birdies
Number 071
Species Stunt Penguin
Rarity Rare
Peppy the Stunt Penguin is a rare Moshling in the Birdies set, who is a biker penguin. 


Reckless, rebellious, and wheely obsessive.


Despite being rubbish at riding bikes (their feet don't reach the pedals), these cool Moshlings are obsessed by anything with two wheels. That's why they slide on their tummies making vroom-vroom noises and revving the air with their wings. As well as their need for speed, Stunt Penguins scoff over a hundred pilchard popsicles a day. Yucky!


Peppy Combo


Engine oil and buckets of fish heads.


Beards and being poked in the belly button.


Stunt Penguins can be found on the Frosty Pop Glacier, a wintery wonderland near Potion Ocean. When lost, they usually head for the nearest fridge.

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