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Welcome to the Moshi Monsters Wiki, the wiki about Moshi Monsters! We currently have 1,682 articles about the free-to-play virtual-world online-game.

The Moshi Monsters Wiki is an ultimate guide to Moshi Monsters, a virtual, online game by Mind Candy which currently has over 80 million+ users. The world of Moshi is full of funny, smart Monsters and little itty-bitty Moshlings! So, edit this Wiki or just search around and improve your knowledge on Moshi Monsters.

We have a Live chat on our wiki! The Live chat is available to join at any time from any article apart from user pages. We encourage people to join our chat, and anyone who follows the rules are free to join! The chat is featured on this page on the right.

We have very important rules that every user must follow. If you have any questions about anything on the wiki,ask one of our Admin Super Moshis.


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September's Monthly Featured Content
Featured Monster

Stashley Snoozer is a brown bear that guards the Port, he is often seen sleeping. Maybe someone could sneak into the Port when Stashley Snoozer is sleeping! Read more...
Featured Moshling

Slurpy 1
Slurpy the Lickity Lizard is a rare Moshling in the Yuckies Set. He was released on August 5th and is a vibrant-blue with a tee and shorts. Read more...
Featured Image

Featured User

Daytin the PvZ lover:

I am Daytin13

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