Moe Yukky owns Yukea on Main Street. His best friend is Dewy (who owns the DIY Store on Sludge Street ) fancies Tyra Fangs. Yukea is the second most favourite store in Monstro City. The favourite store in Monstro City is the Gross-ery Store on Main Street. Moe Yukky is a very hygenic monster. This also means that he keeps the shop clean and has to double up on a mopping routine when he makes it so clean you could eat off the floor. This takes four hours and buckets and buckets of Potion Ocean Water to clean up. That's why every monster should use monster wipes for paws before entering the store and no food or drinks are allowed in this store (even though they don't offer it on Moshi Monsters). Moe has sold over four million items and hand-polished each and every one of them. He just has a lot of receipts because counting things gives him a tranquil (good) feeling. Moe Yukky's shop is on main street. His shop mostly sells furniture and wallpapers.

Moe yukky

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