No Photo

Set Puppies
Number 038
Species Undercover YapYap
Rarity Uncommon
McNulty is an uncommon Moshling from the Puppies set; he is a detective like Scrumpy. 


Psst . . . guess what? Undercover YapYaps are the nosey puppies that love sniffing out secrets, rummaging through drawes and saying "Psst". With their plain fur and cuddlesome looks, these cute snoops can dupe their way into any situation and are also masters of disguie. In fact, the only way to be sure you're dealing with one is to look out for that incredibly waggy tail. It's a dead giveaway! I used to get hoodwinked all the time, but not any more. These days, I employ YapYaps to collect information for me. I'm even using my best snoop for a top secret mission.




Independent, Loyal, Furtive.


Purple Star Blossom + Any Snap Apple + Any Snap Apple


Undercover YapYaps often hang out in other Moshling neighbourhoods, but they originally hail from Sherlock Nook, south of Waggytail Hollow.


Gadgets, gizmos and trilby hats.


Wire coat hangers and muddy paw prints.

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