Set Sporties
Number 118
Species Humongous Hogsnorter
Rarity Common

Lummox the Humungous Hogsnorter is a Moshling in the Sporties set in Moshi Monsters, who is a bull.


Lummox is a Humongous Hogsnorter who is buff all over because they spend hours pumping iron (well ok lifting little tins of gloop soup). There is more to these buff beefcakes than mere muscles, as they also enjoy knitting titchy loincloths whilst listening to retro hair metal.


Alpine Pinkerbells + Any Seed + Any Seed


Personality: clean, living, heroic, and proud.


If you head over to the gym near Bleurgh Beach you might just see a few Humongous Hogsnorters sunning themselves and striking poses.


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