Long Beard

Bandicam 2013-04-14 19-26-15-083

Set Mythies
Number 64
Species Valiant Viking
Rarity Rare

Long Beard the Valiant Viking is a rare Moshling in the Mythies set, who is a Viking. 


Cantankerous, stubborn, and brave.


Prepare for suspect sagas of battle, bravery and broken helmet horns because Valiant Vikings are the ocean-going Moshlings who can't stop babbling on about their dubious exploits. 


Red Hot Silly Peppers + ? + Any Dragon Fruit

Moshling Adventure: Freezy Riders


Pickled herrings and heavy metal.


Hot water bottles and chill-out music.


Originally from the Fibba Fjords, Valiant Vikings still enjoy sailing the Seventy Seas aboard their longboats. Or so they say!

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