Lady Meowford

190px-Lady Meowford 6

Set Kitties
Number 030
Species Pretty Kitty
Rarity Uncommon

Lady Meowford is an uncommon Moshling from the Kitties set, who is a white kitten. She meows when clicked on.




Snippy, Sophisticated, Snooty.


Any Star Blossom + Any Moon Orchid + Blue Moon Orchid


Frightfully sweet but a bit annoying, these cute Moshlings are always right about everything. Well okay, there was one time when a Pretty Kitty thought it was wrong, but it turned out to be right all along. Snooty but impossibly charming, Pretties are very musical and have incredibly high-pitched singing voices. They also speak several languages are very good skiers, fabulous lacrosse players and know everything about everything. I usually have to wear a tie and dinner jacket to get anywhere near one, and even then I can only speak when spoken too.


Classical music and toffee-nosed plums.


Balls of string and kebabs.


Pretty Kitties live way up in the High Mighty Mountains. Everywhere else is beneath them.

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