Katsuma is one of the virtual pets who is adoptable in the online world of Moshi Monsters. They are the most popular Monster and are popular with boys. They are orange striped, rabbit-like monsters with dark-blue eyes, although Katsumas have default colours, they can be changed.


Katsumas are friendly but big-headed little monsters who love to be tickled. They look super-cute with big doe eyes, floppy ears and fluffy tails, but they can be fearless fighting machines if they're angry! Highly trained in martial-arts, kararte-chopping Katsumas are all claws, jaws and lightning-fast paws! Choptastic!


Monstro City


  • "Clawsome!"
  • "Pawsome!"
  • "Choptastic!"


  • Katsuma was designed to be a monster for boys but girls started to adopt them too.
  • Orange and brown are the most popular colours for a Katsuma.



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