Jessie Trans

Set Mythies
Number 099
Species Ginger McMoshling
Rarity Ultra Rare
Jessie the Ginger McMoshling is a Ultra Rare and is in the Mythies. He is a sea serpent.


Testy, Buffoonish, Tooty.




Ginger McMoshlings are thought to be distant descendants of the legendary Loch Mess Monster, Ginger McMoshlings look a bit like mini Jabbersauruses- ancient the creatures that roamed the world of Moshi before the Great Custard Flood. All I know for sure is these tartan-clad critters love a wee jig whenever they hear the drone of the sagpipes. Believe me, there is nothing funnier than the sight of a very merry McMoshling perfoming a Highland fling, especially if it decides to pull of it's false beard (which is glued to its hat) and wear it as a kind of kilt. 


Pink Dragon Fruit + Yellow Dragon Fruit + Red Hot Silly Pepper


Shortbread biscuits and misty mornings


Trousers and shandy


Ginger McMoshlings can be found bobbling about on Loch Mess but some play golf near McHaggis Castle on Music Island.


  • Jessie's name rhymes with Nessie, the nickname of the real-life mythical creature, Loch Ness Monster.
  • Eventhough his name is Jessie, he is a boy. But some males are also named Jesse (pronounced as Jessie).
  • Zooberguber was the first to get him, as she is staff.
  • Although his beard is fake, he is still assumed male by many.


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