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Set Beasties
Number 073
Species Snuggly Tiger Cub
Rarity Rare
Jeepers the Snuggly Tiger Cub is a rare Moshling in the Beasties set.


  • Bashful
  • Soppy
  • Cuddly


These adorable Moshlings really have earned their stripes. That's because they spend ages painting them on using inka-inka juice, squeezed from rare thumpkin seeds. Sadly the jungle is green, not yellow and stripy. When they're not slopping hopeless camouflage around, Snuggly Tiger Cub love sharpening their claws and licking old swoonafish cans.


Jeepers Combo


Licking empty swoonafish cans and having their tummies scratched.


Water pistols and flea collars.


Although their camouflage is useless, it's pretty difficult for a normal monster to spot a snuggly tiger cub because they seldom stray beyond the lush foliage of the Barmy Swami Jungle. 


  • Jeepers features in the Series 1 Figures
  • There are 2 of his species, the other being the Blue Jeepers.


Run Shelby Run

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