Herman with his shell
Herman Crab is a crab, hence his name. He is a crab with a blue, striped shell, which was formerly a cauldron. He appears in 4 missions: Voyage Under Potion Ocean, The Unusual Suspects, Season 3 Mission 3: The Googenheist, and Season 3 Mission 4: The Secret Treasure of Potion Ocean. He originally lived at Tiny Tiki Tropic but then somehow moved to Bleurgh Beach. He is featured in Series 3 Moshling Figures.


  • He formerly had a cauldron shell but it was replaced with his real shell in Voyage Under Potion, however in the most recent mission he appeared in, The Unusual Suspects, he has is cauldron again, this may be a mistake or he somehow regained the cauldron during his two year absence. 
  • He did not appear in any Season 2 Missions.

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