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Set Foodies
Number 059
Species Psycho Gingerboy
Rarity Rare
 Hansel the Phsyco Ginger Boy is a Rare Moshling. He is in the Foodies, along with Cutie Pie, Coolio, and Oddie. He is also featured in the Moshi game, Moshi Cupcakes , resmebling a gingerbread.


Disobedient, loutish, rascally.




Don't be fooled by the fancy frosting, plump raisins and biscuity cuteness - Psycho Gingerboys are naughty little troublemakers. When they're not stealing sweeties and holding up bakeries, they like tripping up passers-by with their delicious but deadly candy canes. Thankfully, they're easy to catch as they can't help dropping crumbs wherever they go.


Hansel Combo


Twirling licorice lassos and bathing in custard


Cheesy puffs and pecking pigeons.


Legend has it these half-baked hooligans were originally cooked at 180 degrees deep inside Cookie Crumb Canyon, but nobody's sure as they seem to pop up anywhere and everywhere. Yikes!

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