Gigi/Basic Info

Gigi 2

Set Ponies
Number 079
Species Magical Mule
Rarity Ultra Rare
Gigi the Magical Mule is an Ultra Rare Moshling in the Ponies set.


Bewitching, charming, and graceful.


Gigi Combo


Magical Mules are powerful moshlings descended from enchanted carousel horses. Maybe that's why they trot along humming fairground tunes, gliding up and down as if still on a merry-go-round. These elegant gee-gees can even create rainbows. Magical Mules are unique because their unihorns are actually ice-cream cones held on by licorice shoelaces.


Wild fluttercups and making magical daisy chains


The smell of diesel and boiled onions


Magical Mules eat wild fluttercups and cotton candy you can only find in Crystal Grotto near Copperfield Canyon.

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