Set Munchies
Number 076
Species Lipsmacking Bubbly
Rarity Rare
Fizzy the Lipsmacking Bubbly is a rare Moshling in the Munchies set, who is a cup of soda.


Sparkling, tasty, and unpredictable.


Thirsty? You'd better be careful if a Lipsmacking Bubbly offers you a drink because these madcap Moshlings are fizzy beyond belief. In fact,the bendy straw poking out every Bubbly's lid is not just for sipping. It allows gas from all that fizzy-wizzy pop to escape so that they don't blow their tops.I often take a few of these crazy critters on expeditions as their bubbly behaviour is highly refreshing, especially if I feed them peppermints because this causes a sparkling eruption of delicious pop.Sweet fizzy rain on a hot day? What could be better!




Mints and the taste of cardboard.


Wasps and ringpulls.


Lipsmacking Bubblies are rumored to hang out in Cutie Pie Canyon but they can also be found in Uppity Cup Creek.


  • In his debut, he can use the 'fizz' from his straw to explode Cosmic Rox.
  • He was thought to be in the Smilies.
  • His name is a parody of the drink, Izze.


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