No Photo

Set Puppies
Number 007
Species Oochie Poochie
Rarity Common
Fifi the Oochie Poochie is a common Moshling from the Puppies set. She is a stubborn, pernickety poodle with a red heart in her hair. She has OCD.




Ooh la la! Oochie Poochies are sweet, fluffy and totally obsessed with finer things in life, from fancy food and the very latest fur styles. In fact, they love getting their fluffy bits trimmed and pampered. Whenever I observe Oochie Poochies, they refuse to acknowledge me unless I've trimmed my whiskers and combed my fur. I even have to make an appoitment to visit Uppity Meadow! When they're not sipping vintage lemonade or collecting designer hair clips, these snooty, little Moshlings like nibbling on the yummy cotton candy they keep on the end of their tails. Scrumptious, darling!


Swanky, Fashionale, Pushy.


Any Hot Silly Peppers + Any Dragon Fruit + Any Magic Beans


Oochie Poochies adore the open spaces of Uppity Meadow, but some prefer parading around the Pink and Fluffy Forest.


Ironed napkins and perfect manners.


A single hair out of place and being stroked.

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