Eugene/Basic Info

Eugene?file=Eugene 6

Set Fruities
Number 145
Species Square Pear
Rarity Uncommon
Eugene the Square Pear is an unreleased and upcoming Moshling, who's a pear. He is in the Fruities set along with Pipsi, and is in the Series 8 Moshling Figures.


Cautious, Foggy-ish, Intelligent


They look fun and fruity but Square Pears are incredibly, er, square. Why? Well on top of worrying about what the neighbours will think, these clever but cautious Moshlings are always tut-tutting about something, whether it’s the latest Missy Kix video or the price of Snail Ale. Progress? Huh!


Putting sticks in the mud and twitching curtains.


Pop music and Bongo Colada.


Fuddy-Duddy Farm

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