Bobbi SingSong


Set RoxStars
Number 112
Species Jollywood Singaling
Rarity Common
Bobbi SingSong the Jollywood Singaling is a common Moshling from the RoxStars set.


Jolly, Doolally, Hyperenergetic.




If you've never been to Jollywood (it's jolly good) chances are you've no idea how famous Bobbi SingSong really is. A legend in his distant homeland this Moshling gooperstar's smash hit 'Welcome to Jollywood' has even been adopted as Jollywood's national anthem. If only he could remember his mantra! Despite his fame Bobbi drives everywhere in his own luxury rickshaw- and I should know because he recently took me for a spin. It was great fun until he started to show me that 'judder sideways' move of his. We nearly ended up in a pothole. Goodness gracious me!


Season 2 Mission 6: Welcome to Jollywood


Meditating and playing his sitar.


Wobble-ade and dilly-dallying.


Jollywood, of course. But Bobbi SingSong should be coming to a town near you very soon!


  • Bobbi SingSong has a song 'Welcome to Jollywood'.
  • In the Ultimate Moshling Collector's Guide, his name on the contents page was spelled "Bobby SingSong"

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