Blossom/Basic Info

Flower 1

Set Potties
Number 139
Species Blooming Wonder
Rarity Common

Blossom the Blooming Wonder is a common Moshling in the Potties set.


Optimistic, humble, and welcoming.


Next time your flowers look sad try popping them in a Blooming Wonder. These miraculous Moshlings are infused with enchanted fertilizer that can breathe life into any bloom, even if it's dead. Better still, pick a flower from a Blooming Wonder's head and it will grow faster than you can say 'photosynthesis'.


Blossom Combo


Slug pellets and sunshine.


Dirty water and thieving bees.


You'll usually find Blooming Wonders promenading in Petal Park or sitting on windowsills across Monstro City.

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