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Set Noisies
Number 037
Species Yodelling MooMoo
Rarity Uncommon
Betty the Yodelling MooMoo is a cow in the Noisies set. 8th November 2012 is the date she was released in the zoo. The first person that had her is Zomgarm.


Alpine Pinkerbells + Any Seed + Any Seed


Ear-splitting, Diva-ish, Flirty.




"Yodel-ay-hee-hooooo" Next time you hear that unmistakable call you'll know that a is close by. But not that close because these opera-trained Moshlings can be heard from miles away. In fact their yodelling is so loud that I once asked a group of them to perform halfway up Mount Sillimanjaro - not because I enjoy yodelling; I just knew the racket would trigger an avalanche and clear my path to the summit. Unfortunately they insisted on joining me for the rest of the trip and yodelled the whole time. Worse still they brought along some Brassy Blowy Thingy and Tinklehuffs.


Scoffing schnitzel and blowing the foam off Wobble-ade.


Jokes and dairy products.


Anywhere mountainous and snowy, from SiIllimanjaro to their home village of StudelHofen.


  • Betty lives where Frau Now Brown Kau lives, StrudelHofen.
  • Betty loves the summer grass as it said on Zomgarm's pinboard, that's why she is going to be released in June.

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