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A .swf ("Shockwave Flash" or "Small Web Format") file is a flash extension used by Mind Candy to hold Moshling animations, set designs, seeds, items and pictures. Each .swf file link must end in .swf in order to find them.


The Moshlings .swf files are used to hold their animations, pictures and parts. Some are used to find Moshling's set, Yolka's, Hoolio's and many other Moshlings' sets were find out this way. When ever a new moshling is added to a zoo to find the swf just go up 1 number ex: 1.23 = 1.24. For example; Hoolio:

To see a Moshlings' animation, you need to extract them with a program named SWF Modify.


.swf files are also used to find sets, for example; 

To find another set's .swf replace "Hipsters" with any other set; make sure the first letter of the set is capitalised.

  • In Late 2010, Mind Candy made their .swf files smaller.

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